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ETFs That Could Continue To Do Well in July

Despite daily volatility in broader markets, a large number of US equities had another strong month in June. For instance,  SPDR S&P 500  (NYSE:SPY)  which tracks the  S&P 500 Index was  up 1.4% in June. Similarly,  Invesco QQQ Trust  (NASDAQ:QQQ) that  tracks the  NASDAQ 100 Index returned  6.2% in June.  However, the  SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust  (NYSE:DIA) that tracks the  Dow Jones Industrial Average was  down 1.6% in June. Today's article introduces a number of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that had robust returns last month. It also highlights several that did not have a good month. Winners tend to momentum for several weeks if not months. Therefore, a number of the winner funds of June are likely to do well in July, too. And those that did not fare well last month could begin to stabilize, offering better entry points for buy-and-hold investors.  We hope that these names would encourage readers to  put together a diversified portfolio for the long-run.